Being 20-something isn’t so bad when you’re adventuring your way through life.

Being 20-something isn’t so bad when you’re songwriting your way through life. Cassidy Houston gives listeners an open-hearted look at the world through their adventures;  weaving experience into inspiration. 

Raised on the shores of gitchi gami, elements of the natural world are deeply embedded within the way Cassidy creates and shares music. Whether solo and barefoot in a living room, or on a festival stage backed by a band of friends, Cassidy’s vulnerability shines through lyric-driven stories shared for anyone who will lend an ear. 

“Their 2020 album, faces, is a gorgeous exploration of life through nature's lens."

 – CBC Radio

"The most promising voice on this stage, for my money, is Cassidy Houston, who’s possessed of a powerful and expressive voice and a charming stage presence. Go see Cassidy Houston, everyone. They're a great singer, they're great fun on stage, and they have impeccable manners."

 – Roots Music Canada